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That's Amore 2013

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Supervisor Sean Elsbernd
That's Amore Celebration
The Pomeroy Recreation & Rehabilitation Center celebrated the 2nd "That's Amore" evening at "Bimbo's 365 Club ", one of San Francisco's historic venues. The themed 50’s party, in recognition of the Center’s beginning in 1952, was hosted by current Board member Mary Tunney-Flynn, with Co-Chairs John Ring and Beth Fergus. As a mother of a young woman with a developmental disability, Mary shared heartfelt remarks of gratitude for the Center with those in attendance. "PRRC was a godsend for our family and where Fiona experienced so many firsts: her first computer, language development, field trips and friendships," said her mom, a bit tearfully. "It allows me to work and worry less. At the Pomeroy Center, you'll always feel love like that.”

A benefit for the Children and Teens Afterschool program, this event served as an opportunity to honor former District 7 Supervisor, Sean Elsbernd, for his service to the citizens of San Francisco, and for his substantial support for the Center. Well attended, the event drew people from all over the city, and counties north and south, raising more than $110,000 for the Center’s services.

Bob Sarlatte, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, entertained the audience as he introduced the speakers, and later when he joined the band as a guest front man. The Dave Martin House Party had the crowd on the dance floor, where many remained until the bewitching hour. It seemed that the elements came together to ensure a successful night. Given the buzz during the event and after, it would appear that great fun was had by all.

Read more about That's Amore in the SF Gate

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